I am a certified cosmetic tattoo specialist from Be&Me Academy 비앤미아카데미 from Be&Me Plastic Surgical Hospital.  I trained there for as a permanent make-up specialist.
What is cosmetic tattoo or permanent make-up?
Cosmetic tattoo or permanent make-up is a procedure where the pigment (ink/color) is applied/tattooed on directly on the outer layer of the skin.  It is supposed to design an artificial eyebrows, eye-line, lip line, lip color, hair line, etc.  For those of you who wishes to have thicker or more defined line on your face.  Permanent make-up will make your life easier, especially for those who work and don’t have the time to do make-up.  Permanent make-up will frame your face so that you do not have to go through all that hard work just to draw your brows, eye-line, or lip colors.  In other words, it would make you look like you have light make-up done on your face even though you just woke up!
Permanent make-up can also covers your scar or neutralize your skin when you have an uneven skin tone.

Does it hurt?

It depend on the person, actually.  We apply anesthetic cream on our clients to reduce the pain so some people even say it doesn’t hurt at all.  Some people says it tickles during the procedure.

Does it swell?

After the procedure you might experience swelling for a day or two, but an ice-pack can reduce the swelling.

How long does the color stays?

The color will stays very dark during the first 2-3 days, however, about 60% will fade after that so it is necessary that you get your retouch done after 2 weeks in order to darken up.

I am specialized in  eyebrows 3 D tattoo, eye-line, lip-line, lip-tint, etc.  If you have any question please feel free to contact me^^. Here are some pictures of the before&after and the procedures.

BeforeAFter Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-2 Before-Afterphoto


My own tattoo:

I did some tattoos on my body and on my face.  As for face I didn’t mean the crazy pattern, but the tattoo on eye lines and eye brows.

For the eye lines, it’s meant to make the lashes look fuller, and looks like you have a thin liner on when you have no makeup! But the process is kind of painful.  They put on a numbing cream for you, and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes before begin.  But you can still feel the pain.  I don’t recommend it because it doesn’t look as obvious, and my eyes were swollen for many days.  Not a lot of people can tell the differences.  You have to go back and repeat the process twice to intensify the ink, but it is not necessary.

For eye brows: This is less painful comparing to the eye lines.  They use like a small knife with ink for this.  Same as the eye-lines, they put on a numbing cream for you.  In one session they will do it twice for you.  The first time, it will sting but the pain is bearable.  I recommend doing eye brows.  It looks very natural but is more noticeable comparing to the eye lines.  I would say you have to line your brows when you do makeup though.

Normal tattoo: I did a dragon tattoo on my lower left stomach, where the pelvic bone is.  The pain wasn’t bad as I thought it would.  But when it gets to the bone area, it hurt a lot.  The one I did is about 12-15cm, but if you do like a normal lettering it won’t be that painful.

A new tattoo that i just got recently (September 28th, 2012) is on the back of my hip, on the right side.  I searched for some good tattoo shop around Seoul and I found this very nice place called Sunrat Tattoo, it is in Hongdae Area.  I went to the shop with a designed that I did myself.  I want my name in Persian language because the origin of my dad side is from Persia, and I wanted to cherish that.  And also, I want a wing around it. Not just some wings but has a tribal feeling to it to match up with the first tattoo i got.  The wings around my name symbolizes freedom that guards me.

Here are some pics!

Body tattoo (front&back):


Update on the new tats!

I got a cover-up type tattoo done in November 2014 of my dragon tattoo on my hip.  Since that was my first tattoo so I didn’t know exactly what’s good.  I wanted to redo the tattoo or make it more cool if i had a chance.  So I searched for tattoo artist in Thailand and I found a lady who does tattoo arts at a studio called Pink art Tattoo.  She’s pretty good you can check her out  at


Here’s the new cover up tats!


I love body arts! if you do please leave a comment.  I will be very happy to hear about your tattoo experience!


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