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DIY WINE MASK! For Acne-Free Skin!!

Any wine lover around here? If you love wine, you should try this out! Wine doesn’t just taste good, it is also good for your skin! Wine stimulates the development of new cells in the skin’s outer layers. Red wine is good as an anti-aging skin toner, white wine is just as effective for the tightening of any open pores and preventing the recurrence of acne. Try this easy DIY Wine Mask+Toner out for a clearer skin!

What do you need??

White wine (Red is good for anti-aging so use red if you must!)

Cotton pads (9 or more to cover your entire face)

Plastic bag



-Soak cotton pads in wine

-Press to prevent dripping wine on you face

-Put in plastic bag

-Place in freezer for 20 minutes

-Put on your face then wait for 10-15 Minutes

-Remove and wipe your face

-Rinse and apply moisturizer!



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