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Romantic Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is coming up:) The day where a lot of girls are looking forward to getting nice presents from the boys, and going on romantic dates.  For make-up I have a video for you:) Well, for those of you who want to look great on this special day (without fail) I suggest you give this look a try.  Check it out


However, today I’m not here to talk about what products I used (because I already put all the products used in the video;)) but I’m here to talk about what are some things you should know before you go on a date:) **Especially first date with a guy**


It’s more appropriate to go with “less sexy” dresses (you can definitely save that for later and surprise him) but looking clean and feminine is my best advice.  Although you don’t usually put on one piece regularly, but if this is your first date with a guy, showing him your feminine side is important (heck he might as well go out to eat with his just girl friend if he’s looking for girl who wears jean on the first date)…Not like it’s something you have to, but if this is your first date, you wanna make him want to see you again.  And dressing nicely wouldn’t kill you:)

If I would suggest, ordering something that is easy to eat wouldn’t hurt (easy to eat I mean less messy).  For example sushi, sandwish, pasta, etc.  would be appropriate.  Try not to go for Indian curry or Charle’s Jr hamburger on the first date.



Try to keep the topic happy and less intimate.  Don’t go into your private life just yet (for example: ex. boyfriend, family problem, how was your drunk experience)  That would definitely freak him out.   Try to ask how your partner as well (try to avoid being the only one talking, if the guy is interested in you he will ask).   If you are looking for what to talk, try narrow the topic to: What’s your hobby? Do you do sport? What is your favorite place to hangout? Do you like traveling? Where was the best place you have been?….all that jazz:)


Normally the guy would pay for the first date, but please try to at least offer.  He may deny but just say that you will treat him back next time (it is always nice to do that anyway) and plus you will have an excuse to meet him again.  But guys always hate when it comes to paying some girls would just sit there and play with their phone or would go to the toilet then expect him to pay.  Kindly thank him for treating you the meal would be nice too.


After a date:

Please try to avoid texting him or calling right after you and him part.  It wouldn’t kill to have the guy do his job and text you.  It’s not the guy’s job to text you first, but a gentleman would know that he has to (at least ask if you are home safely)…but by any chance that he doesn’t text, you can send him text at night and say thank you for the nice date and that you had a great time (whether you do or not, it is always good to thank people:)


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