เมคอัพรีวิว Makeup Review & Big Announcement!!

Makeup Review & Big Announcement!!

I have been shopping a lot because I am visiting Thailand for 3 weeks! And I will be working as a guest makeup artist at a newly opened beauty complex called Four Women Beauty Complex by Love Mom! So if any of you are in Thailand, it will be awesome if you guys can drop by! Four Women Complex is a complete beauty services.  They offer facial spa, hair, nail, and makeup services. And since they just opened they offer 20% off for the spa treatment!! If you are interested please check out my vdo for more information! Or call to reserve at:

Back the review, here are some products that I have been using and I recommend:

  • Too Cool For School: Pudding Aqua Shaking BB Cream
  • Too Cool For School: Too Cool Art Class Cream Blush:#1 Pink & #2 Peach
  • The Face Shop: Flebeaute Collagenic Two Way Cake Powder (#25 ที่พลอยใช้คือเบอร์ 25)
  • Missha: Crystal Nail Polish

Big Announcement!!!
พลอยกลับเมืองไทยไปสามอาทิตย์ แล้วก็จะไปเป็นเมคอัพอาร์ททิสท์รับเชิญให้ที่ Four Women Beauty Complex by Love Mom เป็นบิวตี้คอมเพล็กซ์ เสริมสวยเต็มรูปแบบที่เพิ่งเปิดใหม่ ก็จะมี สปา ทรี้ดเมนท์ สำหรับทั้งคุณผู้ชายและคุณผู้หญิง มีทั้ง ช่างทำผมฝีมือขั้นเทพ และ เมคอัพอาร์ททิส รวมถึงตัวพลอยเอง ตอนนี้มีคอร์สทริตเมนท์ลด 20%!!!! ถ้าใครสนใจ หรือ อยากให้พลอยแต่งหน้าให้ก็ขอเชิญนะคะ บรรยากาศเป็นกันเอง ราคาก็ไม่แพงค่ะ สอบถามรายละเอียด หรือ โทรจองได้ที่:

และ พลอยเพิ่งมี ไปเมื่อไม่นานนี้ กับช่างภาพมือโปรที่เกาหลี เข้าไปดูรูปได้ที่: www.facebook.com/PnHMakeupPhotography

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Rihanna’s "Who’s that chick" Inspired Summer Makeup Tutorial

This is my first inspired makeup tutorial.  I choose to do Rihanna’s who’s that chick inspired makeup video because the color is perfect for the summer, and it isn’t that hard to do.  I don’t mean to try to be like Rihanna and I’m not saying that I look like her.  I just enjoy doing different style of makeup.  


Here are some pictures ^_^

Products used:

Artdeco- Eye Primer
Too cool for school- TooCool Art class collection # 1 “Yellow Duck”
Too cool for school’s Partytime single eye shadow # 15 “Cream Yellow”
Innisfree’s Eye shadow Palette #5
Mac- Black Track Fluid Line Gel Liner
Banila Co- Liquid Eye Liner
Cover Girl-  Lash Blast Volume Mascara 
Nars-Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
Tarte- Amazonian Clay 12hour blush “Expose”
Dolly Wink- # 10 “Sweet Cat”
Too cool to school- Virgingloss stick  “Shine Sweet Peach”

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Simple Clubbing Makeup

I decided to try a simple clubbing makeup for those who don’t really have the time to do all the crazy eye colors.  I know everyone would go for a smokey eye for their clubbing nights, but if you are a beginner and still want to look flattering on your night out, I recommend trying this out ^^

Products used:

Banila Co-Prime Primer (Hydrating)
Innisfree Mineral Water Foundation
Makeup Forever- 5 Camouflage Cream Palette # 5
Innisfree Mineral Creamy Pact Powder
Innisfree-Eco Eye Brow Pencil
Artdeco’s Eye Primer
Banila Co- Two Eye SHadow #37 Safari
Too Cool For School – Colorful Axel Gel Liner #2 Pink Violet
Makeup Forever- 12 Flash Color Case
Maybelline Mascara
Banila Co- Eyeliner Pen
Dolly Wink Lashes #1 Dolly Sweet
Nars- Bronzing Powder (Laguna)
Mac-Powder Blush (Magenta)
Mac’s Viva Glam Nicki 
Too Cool For School-Too Cool Art Class (#6 Tomato Red)

Some products with no name or not available outside of Korea.

1. Light brown eye shadow:
from Cergo (I took stage makeup class in Korea and I ordered in from the class)
2. Purple eye shadow pigment:
(I got that from a long time ago, I don’t remember where but you can use any bright purple color)
3. Highlighting cream:
Also from Cergo.  You can use any highlighting cream or even shimmering eye shadow.



You don’t have to use all the products used in this vdo to achieve the look.  The makeup tutorial is just a guide, the most wonderful thing about makeup is about your creativity.  You can use the exact same product but look totally different.  And I don’t mean in a bad way ^^. So don’t bother to get the same exact products unless you want to.  Just use something you have and be creative with it.

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FreshLight-Vanilla Beige Review

I wanted to change my hair color but I didn’t wanna go to a salon, so I went to the drugstore near my place called Olive Young to look for hair color products.  I wasn’t a big fan of a “do it yourself” when it comes to changing hair color because I often see no results.  But I decided to try it out anyway.  I picked up a japanese brand called Fresh Light in Vanilla Beige.
The package is very cute, it has this cute doll on the box.  Inside, it comes with a plastic gloves, hair conditioner, a plastic bottle that has a hair dyed product in it, a pump, and a hair color bottle.  It doesn’t come in a hair conditioner-type texture, instead it’s like a foam/mousse texture.  All you have to do is the same as every other product, the only difference is that it is easier to put it on your hair.  You don’t have to squeeze the product out of the bottle, it is exactly like foam/mousse product so all you need to do is spray it on your hair.

Color-wise, I have to say I am very impressed! The color comes out just the same way the pictures on the box displayed. They have many colors you can choose from, so check it out–> here (the website is in japanese but you can get them ordered from ebay or amazon, if you are in Korea you can get them at Watson or Olive Young like I did)

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Foundation Review (Oily Skin)

If you have oily skin, you should look for a water-based foundation or liquid foundation.  You should not look for cream foundation because it will leave you’re skin a greasy finish.  Those cream foundations are best to use during winter to keep your skin moist.  A water based foundation may not cover your skin well comparing to a cream foundation.  Although the liquid foundation will cover better.  But if you are looking for a no-oil foundation, I recommend you go for a water foundation.

Water foundation:

I have tried some brands out and nothing compares to Orbis Foundation.  If you don’t need the crazy coverage for your skin, this brand is perfect. The only bad part about this is that the texture is very thin, it is almost like water so if you put the product on your hand the product will drip everywhere.

 Innisfree’s water based foundation, isn’t as thin comparing to Orbis, it is almost like Orbis Liquid foundation.  Even though it is thinner than normal foundation, it still has creamy texture.  So if you need more coverage, but worried about your skin being oily, then you can use Innisfree’s mineral water foundation.

Liquid Foundation:


RMK’s Liquid foundation is almost like Orbis’s Water foundation.  If you put on your hand the product will drip everywhere, that’s how thin it is.  But if you compare it to Orbis’s water foundation it gives you better coverage. It is not as thick comparing to the Orbis Liquid foundation and Innisfree’s water foundation but it gives you enough coverage.


This is the foundation I use, if I’m not filming for the vdo, because it gives a natural finish, not greasy, and covers the red spots on my face very well.  I have had a troubled skin, I started using this and my skin got better! ^^  I know troubled skin people are scared to pact the makeups on the face because it might make it could make it worse but trust me, this liquid foundation is very light on the face so it won’t clog the pores.

I wrote a review on Orbis foundation so please check it out! –> Orbis Foundation Review

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Foundation Brushes

So I just want to write about the foundation brushes that I’ve been using recently.  Some people use the flat foundation brush like Sigma E60. I used it but it leaves stretch marks so I didn’t find myself picking it up a lot.  However, I have started using Synthetic Kabuki brushes (Flat and Angled) and I like it a alot. They have this density but also has the quality of the kabuki brush so it blurs out all the stretch marks.  It is designed to apply powder, cream and liquid products without absorbing into the bristles.  So you get the full coverage without having to worry about the cakie face or brush marks.  I’ve been using in every vdos that I’ve made, so you can check it out here

The ones I recommend are:

Synthetic Simax Duo

These two brushes are on sale! from a $32 you can get them with just $24
–> order

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Stage Makeup Final Project

I have taken stage makeup class during my last year in college at Hansung University, Korea.  The classes are taught in Korean (most of my classes are). And we had to do a final project.  So I’m just posting pictures up^^.

Eye shadows: all products used are from this new brand in Korea, called Too cool for school.  I like this brand a lot so far, it has a lot of loud colors.  The price acceptable too comparing to the department store brands.  I bought a lot of stuff to try, I’ll write a review on that separately later when I have tried everything i bought.

So here it is!

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Day To Night Makeup

Like any other girls I have had a hard time figuring out what to do everytime I work and has to go out to an event right after.  I used to go out and remove everything off my face and started over again just because I wanted to perfect my makeup. I’ve been there! And it was a waste of time.  Here is a tutorial of what I do now in this kind of situation.   So here it is! Enjoy, like, subscribe, or leave comments to my channel! xoxo

Products used:

Urban decay’s Buck, Naked, Virgin
Innisfree’s Mineral Creamy Pact Powder
Innisfree’s Sliding Color Liner (Black)
VOV’s Castle Dew Color Short Eyes 4colors (Multi Type) “Platina Noble”
NYX’s ES58A Peach Bronze
RMK’s Metallic Gold
MAC’s Black Track Fluid Line
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush “Expose”
MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish “Soft and Gentle”
Dolly Wink Lashes #10 “Sweet Cat”
Misha’s The Style Creamy Matte Lip Rouge CR01 or 환타드림
Innisfree’s Eco Essential Lip Gloss #3 봄 바람 분홍


Sigma Brushes
MAC’s 217 and 230

Please check out my friend’s cosmetic Facebook page “shop.titude” if you are interested in korean cometics! ^^

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Quick Simple Natural Makeup Tutorial

A simple everyday makeup that is quick and easy to achieve.  I created this look because I know everyone is busy, and most people don’t really have time to do a long makeup^_^ People I know were telling me that usually they don’t have time in the morning before they go to work to do their makeup but they still wanna look pretty, so here it is!

All products mentioned:

Benefit’s Pore Professional Balm

Innisfree’s Mineral Water Foundation

Mac’s Cover-up Concealer

Innisfree’s eye brow pencil (Brown)

Artdeco’s Eye Primer

Innisfree’s Eye shadow Palette #5

RMK’s black eye shadow

Mac’s Black Track Fluid Line Gel Line

RMK’s Metallic Gold eye shadow

Fairy Drop’s Mascara

Dolly Wink Lashes No.4 (Feminine style)

Mac’s Soft and Gentle Mineralize SkinFinish

Canmake’s Eye Nuance #27 (Golden Kuchen)

Nars Bronzing Powder (Laguna)

Nars Blush (Orgasm)

Maybelline Water Shine Lipstick (#21)

Brushes Used:

Sigma Brushes

All the korean products used can be easily ordered from my friend’s facebook website called Shoptitude<3

Please like the page! And if you find this vdo helpful please subscribe, like, or leave a comment on my channel ><

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Orbis Foundation Reviews

Personally I have combination skin type but always have trouble with acne. Even in winter my skin would be as dry as the desert but there would be pimples! And it gets really bad in the summer because my skin would be so oily.  I have tried to find foundation that wouldn’t clog my pores, even changed to use BB cream for awhile (by the way Misha BB cream is great!). Anyway, I have been reading makeup books by this Korean Makeup artist, and she recommended the Orbis Oil Cut foundation.  I bought both of the Water Foundation and Liquid Foundation, and I have to say I am very impressed!

The water foundation one is VERY watery, the only bad part is that it drips every where when i put it on my hand but the texture is almost chalk like and it blends very well as if it melt into your skin. Before you use it you have to shake it to let the water and the foundation mix in a little.

The Liquid foundation on the other hand, is a bit thicker, it covers more but it is very matte.  It is like you’re applying your face cream on your face.  The texture is very light, it doesn’t have the density of a foundation but it is thick enough to cover all the red spots and any imperfection on the face.  Like water foundation it blends in your skin very well. 

Here is the picture of the bottles:

 Here are the picture of the product:

 You can actually see the differences. The water foundation (right) is thinner but doesn’t cover as much comparing to the liquid foundation (left)

Here is the picture of when you blend them out a bit with your finger.  You can see that the water foundation is very chalky (in Thai I think the texture is like ดินสอพอง) But you can see that they are both almost seeping through your skin.

You can get Orbis Makeup at:


Or If you are Korean:


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