“It’s Complicated” – What??

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Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t know what you are to the guy? It all seems that you’ve been on dates, you talk to each other on the phone or text, and no matter how you look at it people say you are like couple.  But your guy doesn’t seem to make it clear to you what kind of relationship you guys have.


What to do??

How long has it been? If it has only been only a month, you might wanna spend more time going on more dates.  Try not to rush in and clarify what it is.  If you ask for him to clarify too soon, it would freak the guy out.  As you may know, a lot of guys are afraid of commitment.  And when you rush in too fast too quickly it could scare him away.


If it has been longer, you may need to bring it up to him.  Not in a serious manner like “We need to talk” but in more of a casual manner like “I’ve been thinking, since we’ve been seeing each other for some time…” Be prepared for disappointment too though..

Guys may say “I’m not ready for commitment” or “I like us this way” etc…If those are the answers he’s given you, I suggest you to stop…Even though you hope for him to change his mind a long the way..it is not likely that he will..(I’m not saying that there’s no chance, but it’s very rare) And if you continue to go on dates with him, it’s only gonna get you emotionally attached to him (Women are more emotional than men after all) and you could eventually get hurt. You could be saying that “Right Ploy, easy for you  to say” But trust me, I have been in that situation before where I expected a guy to change his mind after getting to know me better.  But chances are, you are gonna get emotionally involved and start hoping for something that you know is not there to begin with.


It is better to cut it short than to drag it on just to hear the typical break up lines when you’re not even dating to begin with! Or it could be worse, the guy could magically disappear on you.  And when that happens what do you do? A woman instinct would tell you to keep calling, texting, asking around if anyone has seen the guy, facebook stalking, etc.  AND girls…there you find yourself a stalker. Even it is human nature to wonder…


What just happened?? What’s going on?? But a guy will automatically regards you as clingy, a stalker, crazy bit_h, or whatever between those lines.  Even when you didn’t intend to be or you are merely just asking for reason…trying to understand…but trust me, you are not gonna get any (at least real reasons why he acts the way he does)…


SO I suggest..it is better to cut it fast, when you find yourself in a “complicated” relationship with a guy who doesn’t want to commit or “Likes the relationship just the way you guys are.  If you ever get the chance to meet those guys…(or at least this is what I would tell myself back in the first day I met him or when he told me those things above) “Walk the hell away, girlfriend” Don’t waste your time with someone who’s not gonna treat you with full respect.  There are plenty of guys out there who will be more than willing to take you out like a man and commit to you the way you deserve.


Until Next Time, Take very good care of your self:)



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