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I’m getting back to DANCING!!

Even though I was a dance major in Hansung University in Korea, and I have been dancing all my life but after I graduated I haven’t been dancing much since I have been doing other stuff more (which I also love!) But I just recently got back with dancing.  I had a 3 hours session non-stop dancing from a professional choreographer from AF (Academy Fantasia) or Mr.Boom Last Twenty.  I have known him since 6 years ago because he was a co-teacher of my ex-boyfriend, Leay who was a celebrity in this Reality show (Academy Fantasia).

Since I haven’t been dancing for a while my body felt abit stiffed but I think I did a pretty good job getting back to it.  I think I still have it in me:)) My body is sore and shaking after that crazy longg dance class but I know that this is a good pain.  I love dancing.  Not every kind of dance though, but I love that feeling when you are enjoying good upbeat songs, and feel like you are rocking it 😉 It’s just a great feeling!!


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