Warm & Cool Red Lipsticks

Red lips are flattering in every skin tones depending on how you choose different red to matches your the undertone of your skin.  There are two basic types of undertone in your skin: warm&cool.  Same as the red color itself. However, there’s a neutral type skin tone, that could match well with both warm and cool tone lip colors.  How do you find out your skin undertone? What does warm/cool red lip colors look like?  Let’s all find out together.


Skin tones:

How do you determine which undertone your skin have?

  1. Jewelry:

Do you tend to look good with silver or gold jewelry?

If you look good with silver, you have a cool undertone.  If you match well with gold, you probably have a warm undertone.  But if you look good with both, you are neutral.

2.  Skin tone:

Do you consider your skin leaning towards ivory nude? or olive beige?

If you consider your skin tone when you choose for your foundation, do you tend to go from natural to light? or natural to dark?  If you are likely to pick out ivory nude tone you probably have cool undertone.  If you consider yourself darker, you are likely having a warm undertone.  However, if you are consider your skin about natural/medium toned nude you are considered neutral.

3.   Blood veins color appearance through your skin:

What color do you see your blood veins as through your skin (can be visible at your wrist)

If you go out in the sun and look at your blood veins, can you see if they are blue or green? If you can see the blue/purple color from your wrist you are probably a cool undertone, however if you can see your blood veins in green-ish color you are probably a warm undertone


Warm & Cool Red

By now you can probably tell what undertone you have.  The matching of red and your undertone is easy.  However, this doesn’t mean that you have to only wear warm or cool red.  The warm & cool red are only what enhance your look.

Cool red lip colors are those lip colors that has blue/violet undertone in it where warm red has orange sheen to it.  Cool red lip colors look good on cool undertone skin, warm looks good with those who have warm undertone skin.  It is as simple as that.  However, if you have neutral undertone, you are likely to suit both warm and cool red.


Let’s look at some of the warm and cool red

FROM LEFT (3) Warm Red –> RIGHT (4) Cool Red/Orage Red

From left

1st: Maybelline Bold Matte (Mat6)

2nd: Mac Ruby Woo

3rd: No7 Glam

4th: Nyx Lip Smacking Fun Color (LSS526 EROS)

5th: N07 Siren

6th: Lancome L’absolute Rouge (180)

7th: Maybelline Bold Matte (Mat3)


photo(12) photo(13)

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All Time Favorites


My all time favorite products video included:

Products mentioned:
Benefit’s Pore Professional
Mac’s Liquid Last Liner
Tony Moly’s Golden Beam
Etude House Dear My Milky Gloss
Bok Toh Lashes (www.lilploy.com/shop)
[INSTAGRAM: punggung]
Meko’s C-Oil Make-up Remover


Here are some swatches and the pictures of the make-up products:


photo(13) photo(18)  photo(15)photo(19)  photo(12)photo(17) photo(14)photo(16)

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Halloween Series: Barbie Make-up

Let’s get back to our Halloween Series.  This is a Barbie look I created for you.  My model for this video is one of my bestfriend, Tara.  This look is supposed to be sweet and wearable if you take out the beads from the side.  But I added the colorful beads to make the look more fantasy and animated. Enjoy!


Products mentioned:


Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream

Mac Cover up Concealer

Missha Signature Pact Powder

Elf Brow Kit -Medium

Make-up Forever 12 Flash Color Case

Mac Blush – Pink O Peach, Rhubarb

Mac Mineralize Blush- Gental

Nature Republic -Blossom Blusher #2

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner – #2 Brown

Essence Maximum Definition Mascara

Etude House Tear Eye Liner

Bok Toh Lashes (P0048 +P0027)

Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics lipstick- No.116 – Milky Pink


Brushes: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=38746

Model: Tara

Music: Music Bakery (www.musicbakerycom)photo(18) photo(16) photo(14) photo(13) photo(12)


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New Tattoo! Well actually, I got a cover-up done!

I had a dragon tattoo done by a plastic surgeon in over 3 years ago, to admit, it was my first tattoo so I didn’t know any good tattoo studio…

Honestly the first one I got wasn’t bad but it wasn’t so good either. I recalled bad pain on my pelvic bone when I was having it done so I didn’t go back for a retouch…As a result, there were spaces unfilled…T_T

Today I went to a tattoo shop with my bestfriend. And wanted to get a cover-up (get tattoo fixed)…I didn’t know what to get, but I wanted to extend the tattoo on to my hip area..The tattoo artist from The Pink Art Shop is a very friendly person, she designed me something that looked like a big wave with sakura peddles. But I’m more into the Tribal tattoos so I asked that it could be done in a one-sided wing extending from the dragon’s back. I wanted to keep the flow. I wanted my dragon tattoo(dragon is a symbol for wisdom) to express strength, dignity, and freedom. So she decided to add shadow work to the dragon.

She designed me several designs until I was satisfied with how it looked…she wanted to do shadow works on my cover-up. I didn’t know the differences until i saw the needles! There were literally 5-7needles used in the shadow work. OMG it’s more painful than the line work (which only used 3 needles)..

Since the wing extended to my rib cage (part where its supposed to hurt most) I remember holding the chair so tightly my hands were
sweating. The shadow works hurt most on the rib cage and part where there’s a lot of skin (because it’s soft so it’s more sensitive) At the same time, it was tickling on the side, I had to hold my breath so I wouldn’t burst out laughing LOL

The pelvic where it used to hurt most was nothing comparing to the ribcage. That 7needles shadow work was beyond words…As the tattoo artist worked her way down I felt more relax.. I’m not sure if my body was used to the pain or was it not too painful around that area..

Anyway, after all that painful 45 minutes-1hour session, the hard work’s actually paid off because my dragon is filled and very unique. It is something I am proud of.


TIPS for those who are deciding to get tattoo(s)

Before you get yours done:

Make sure you do research, there are many tattoo shops out there but it doesn’t mean that they are all good at what they do.  Visit the shop yourself before deciding to get it done is the best, so you will get to see if the place is clean and get to see their past works.  Find what you want to have on your body for the rest of your life, it should be unique, so ask the tattoo artist to give you some ideas and ask them to design for you so you get the right picture.


When you are deciding to get tattoo(s) Do them for yourself, just because they have meaning for you. Don’t get them because they make you look cool. As long as there’s meaning to your tattoo(s) it’s like a paint with inspiration and stories. You will never regret them for the rest of your life. One thing though…is to not get ones with your lover’s name…I have seen so many people regretting over that.

Afraid of pain?

Tattoo is supposed to hurt…regardless.  It’s the beauty of it.  If you are determined to get one done, go for ones you actually want rather than ones that would seem to hurt less.  It will sting after the session is done for like a day or two but the pain is bearable.


After care : Apply vaceline after to get the tattooed area moist, so when it peels it doesn’t irritate your skin.  Also for the first week, you can shower regularly but make sure to wipe the area dry.  Do not scratch or peel the scabbing tattoo or it could ruin the design.


Other people’s opinion:

If you want to get tattoo(s) but are afraid that people will judge you. I would say that it doesn’t matter what they think. The fact that you have tattoos doesn’t determine who you are.
Passion is perfect with arts not logic…So dare to live if you have stories or meanings for what you do. Always live your life because life is uncertainty. You don’t know what will happen in the future, so live in your present.

Here are before and after pics!




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Hi Everyone,

As you guys saw in my facebook fanpage sneakpeak, this week’s Halloween series is my favorite Japanese Vocaloid superstar, Hatsune Miku! To make it easier for everyone, The wig and lashes can be ordered in my website so please check them out at the shop section in my website.  The address of my website is in the description box below this video! Enjoy!

photo(13) photo(14) photo(16) photo(18) photo(19)

Products used:

No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation (Ivory)

Mac Cover-up Concealer

Missha Signature Pact Powder 23

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Make-up Forever 12 Flash Color Case

Sugarpills Cosmetics – Sweetheart Palette (Taro, Midori, Afterparty)

Tony Moly Backstage gel liner

Nature Repulic liquid liner

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara

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Majolica Majorica -Puff de Cheek

Etude House – Antoineete (PPK001)


Miku Wig–>Order now!

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My fanpage


Music by Music Bakery & Affectingnoise





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Halloween Series: DOLL Make-up!!


As you guys know I’m doing an early Halloween series this year so you guys can have different unique ideas for what to wear and look at this crazy time of the year! Enjoy

012 photo photo_3 photo_4 photo_5 photo_6

Products used:

Coogi BB Cream

Amway -Artistry –Hydrating Foundation (Cream)

Etude House Concealer Stick

Nars – The Multiple (Copacabana)

Missha Signature Pact Powder

Make-up Forever 12 Flash Color Case

Sugar Pills Cosmetics – Taro, Lollipop

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner

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Wig: Morgansama Shop (LINK)

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Special Thanks to Four Women Beauty Complex




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