Orbis Foundation Reviews

Personally I have combination skin type but always have trouble with acne. Even in winter my skin would be as dry as the desert but there would be pimples! And it gets really bad in the summer because my skin would be so oily.  I have tried to find foundation that wouldn’t clog my pores, even changed to use BB cream for awhile (by the way Misha BB cream is great!). Anyway, I have been reading makeup books by this Korean Makeup artist, and she recommended the Orbis Oil Cut foundation.  I bought both of the Water Foundation and Liquid Foundation, and I have to say I am very impressed!

The water foundation one is VERY watery, the only bad part is that it drips every where when i put it on my hand but the texture is almost chalk like and it blends very well as if it melt into your skin. Before you use it you have to shake it to let the water and the foundation mix in a little.

The Liquid foundation on the other hand, is a bit thicker, it covers more but it is very matte.  It is like you’re applying your face cream on your face.  The texture is very light, it doesn’t have the density of a foundation but it is thick enough to cover all the red spots and any imperfection on the face.  Like water foundation it blends in your skin very well. 

Here is the picture of the bottles:

 Here are the picture of the product:

 You can actually see the differences. The water foundation (right) is thinner but doesn’t cover as much comparing to the liquid foundation (left)

Here is the picture of when you blend them out a bit with your finger.  You can see that the water foundation is very chalky (in Thai I think the texture is like ดินสอพอง) But you can see that they are both almost seeping through your skin.

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